Lawn Care

Using Door Hangers to Promote Your Lawn Care Service Business

We have tried just about every way you can imagine to sell our lawn care services. One of the best, and not too expensive, was to use door hangers. Not just any old door hangers but full color, nice looking door hangers with a place to leave a price quote for our services. 

Even if a competing lawn care business does use door hangers they are most likely blah and not too interesting. 

After I thought about this for a while, I decided to make some advertising materials based on the idea of “more free time” for our customers. They may be paying us for short grass or a neat lawn but the bottom line for most of our customers want to spend their time doing something other than lawn care. 

Based on this idea I ended up making two pictures we can use for door hangers for our lawn care business. 

The first was a picture of me pushing a mower carrying golf clubs. The second was a picture of me carrying a fishing pole and tackle box pushing a mower. 

Once I had them looking the way we wanted I uploaded these to our online color printer. I had 500 full color door hangers made (250 of each) with a simple ad on the back with a place for me to leave a quote for the price of our services. 

How’d this work out? Better than expected. I can pretty much tell if I put out 100 door hangers in a good area I will get anywhere from 3 to as many as 20 calls. 

I think there are two reasons these work. One is door hangers have to be taken off the door to see what they are. If they are full color and glossy they will get looked at. 

The second reason is you just don’t get that many door hangers. (From a lawn care business or any other business for that matter) Think about it. You get flyers, direct mail, etc all the time. 

BUT…I can count on one had the number of time I’ve had a door hanger waiting on me when I got home.