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DoorHangers.Com has teamed up with the United States Post Office to offer Door Hanger Delivery through the USPS EDDM Program!

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a service from the USPS that allows you to blanket an entire mail carrier route with your marketing materials – for a discounted postage rate. Instead of mailing to specific names and addresses, the EDDM program allows you to have your Door Hangers delivered to individual neighborhoods (by carrier routes), just like you would normally deliver Door Hangers using a radius around the store or event you are promoting.

Why mail a door hanger when I can mail a postcard? Door Hangers are different, and that’s true whether they are hanging on the front door or inside the mailbox! Door Hangers stand out from the daily glut of direct mail. Door hangers are direct response marketing pro’s! Everything is printed in full view of your potential customer, without the need of creative gimmicks to get people to open an envelope like other direct mail programs. 

All of our Standard Door Hanger Templates are eligible for delivery through the Every Door Direct Mail program, even our Standard Size Print Special Door Hangers!

We do EVERYTHING for you! From printing your Door Hanger design, to walking you through creating the mailing route…we even bundle and deliver your ready-to-mail Door Hangers to the post office! All you have to do is get ready for MORE BUSINESS!​  

Every Door Direct Door Hanger Delivery

Contact us today and let our team deliver all of the exciting details on the guaranteed home delivery of your door hangers with the new Every Door Direct Program!