Large 4.25" x 11"

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Door Hanger Templates Make It Easy!

Do you want to have the perfect door hanger but you're not the best designer?

You don't have to be the most creative person to get a quality ad. Door hanger templates can help you design the perfect door hanger for your company.

When you use door hanger templates, it's easier than ever to design a great door hanger ad. Templates are usually divided into different categories, depending on your product or service. Templates are often categorized by what is the most effective for a specific service. 

When you design your door hanger, you can choose from one-sided or two-sided hangers. One-sided templates display your ad on the front of the hanger and leave the back blank. Two-sided hangers include information on both sides. 

Whatever design template you choose, you want to make sure that your company's information is clearly printed on the ad. There's no good getting your ad out there if people don't know how to get in touch with you. Make sure all the information is easily readable."

These standard size 4.25 x 11 door hangers are your best bet if you need room for a good amount of text and maybe a coupon or tear off business card area. Ask your sales rep. for information on custom perforations.

The last door hanger template in this series it the Universal Door Hanger Template, it can be customized to any industry. We are adding new exciting door hanger designs weekly, don't see something that works for your industry or event? Let us know and we'll make one for you!